Pump Industries was founded in 1985 by my father A. Mark Osterhout and his original partner Jim Mellon in Seattle, Washington.  After Jim’s passing in 2007, I became Dad’s partner, then in 2011 Dad retired and I became sole owner.  As we continue to grow consistently, we have not forgotten one of our main goals has always been to provide the best products, services and response times, at a fair and consistent price structure.  We strive to treat all our loyal end users, shipyards, OEM’s, manufacturers and even our competitors with fairness and integrity.

In 2017 Pump Industries purchased the Flowserve assets of Argo International located in Portland, Oregon, and opened a second facility in Vancouver, Washington.  Our Vancouver, Washington branch allows us to better serve the Southwest Washington and Oregon markets for all our products.  With our two facilities, we are strategically positioned to provide the best possible service.  Our employees are like family and take pride in what they do, most of which have worked at Pump Industries for over 10 years. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  If you need further assistance, please contact us.


Mark Osterhout